The crumbling of the Californian Ideology: Technology Disruptors’ limited OS

We don’t need rule-breaking tech founders anymore, and yet they don’t seem able or willing to change. Where do we go from here?

‘This new faith has emerged from a bizarre fusion of the cultural bohemianism of San Francisco with the hi-tech industries of Silicon Valley. Promoted in magazines, books, TV programmes, websites, newsgroups and Net conferences, the Californian Ideology promiscuously combines the free-wheeling spirit of the hippies and the entrepreneurial zeal of the yuppies. This amalgamation of opposites has been achieved through a profound faith in the emancipatory potential of the new information technologies. In the digital utopia, everybody will be both hip and rich.’ The Californian Ideology, Richard Barbrook and Andy Cameron (1995)

Dr Frankenstein’s Little Monsters

Childish, Petty, and Naïve Demigods

How to REALLY kinda’ Save the World

Founder @ BundleHQ; MPP, Specialisation Tech @ SciencesPo

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